Thursday, August 23, 2012

baby quilt

Hi friends!! Getting hot again!!!
I put those strips together yesterday and then went hunting for my strips i had put together the other day.  I searched for hours yesterday!!!! This morning i still couldn't remember what i had done with it.  I had put all the pieces in a gallon freezer bag but didn't think i had put it in there to.  Finally i dumped it out and there it was!!!!
I have  cut my strip to join them together but need to make my short one longer first.
We wore our selves out yesterday and are resting today , but you know me i have to get to my computer..
can't miss talking to you and reading all you'll blogs....
Think i will take a nap, i have home made hamburger soup on low and after my nap maybe i will feel like sewing.
Good sewing friends   Quilt Happy

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sewyouquilt2 said...

hamburger soup. mmmmm what time is dinner? strips are looking good. I have a proeject like this going as a leader and ender project. I keep the strips near my machine and every time I sew on another project I sew these at the beginning or end so that I have no thread waste and I get two projects done for one. I have bags of differnt widths. I just sew strips and then trip them down to the sizes. soon will have a quilt