Friday, August 17, 2012

pink bordom

Hi  friends!! Beautiful day.

I am about to get tired of pink!!!!!!
Want be sewing today because i will have 6 or 7 grand kids after a while.   That should cheer me  up!!!!! Some grand babies hugs.
Don't know what we would do with out grand kids.
Took me a while to clean off my dining room table of all my sewing stuff so we could eat there.   Hubby and i eat on the kitchen table and if red haired girl and her hubby eats supper with us we still use the kitchen because it  sits 4 .  
 Hubby is out side cutting grass with his tractor but earlier we picked a 1/2 bushel of purple hull peas and i got half of a basket of green beans.     Hubby likes to shell peas while he watches tv at night.  We may teach grand kids how to shell peas.
If i am not dead or passed out tomorrow i will talk to you then, 6 or 7 kids are a lot to cook for.   Have a great week end.  Quilt Happy

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Jodi said...

Hi Barbara! You might be tired of pink but I'm not tired of seeing your blocks. And guess what? I decided to have a second winner for my giveaway, so please email me and we'll chat via email on what I can send you.