Monday, August 13, 2012


Hi friends!!!  A rainy day!!!
We went to give our blood to the dr. today, then  went and got gravy biscuits at hardies then went and voted for our local sheriff's race,and bought things at walmart  We were wore out buy 1 0clock....
Haven't done much sense then but watch it rain.
They said it would be here by tonight but they were wrong.

I got some new  blades and they cut like a dream, my old one was skipping a lot.
Found some pink back in the quilters supply in the fabric section. That is what i put in this block and got 2 more yards of white.  Some of their fabric feels just like the good kind!!!!!

I am hoping our blood work comes back good, didn't used to worry until the last time when i had to go back and re test.  But it was good.  So this time i gave up any sugar a couple of days ago.
Going back to sewing  love you guys   I have made some good friends on this blog and i love it.

Good sewing   Quilt Happy 


lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Love the new block,you can always win me over with pink..
Hope the bloods are good.
Look after yourself Laura xx

barbara woods said...

just checking