Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Gaven's Quilt

Hi Friends!
I have been working on these blocks , making quit a few.
This may be enough for his quilt.
Some of them are like this!
I have got as far as to sew together two rows.
Yesterday Tommy had to see Dr. Jeff so afterward we went to see my brother.
Just to visit for a while. I worry about him!
His Dr put him on blood thinner, course they put me on it after my stroke but he has never had one. I assume it's to keep him from having one.
He has problems with his legs, his Dr. says from all those times he hurt his back.
Nerve damage !
Men will hurt theirs and just not go to the DR. But what can a DR. do.
Nothing! Give you pain meds. and we all hate pain meds.
I take a low grade pain relief med but refuse to take any thing more. When I had my first prescription I called all the drug stores and was assured that It was not habit forming. They lied!
Was told to take four a day, I took a half one for years at night so I could sleep with out pain. Some people say pain goes away when they lay down, mine doesn't !
I love my baby brother, He was always their for me.
Sis needs to have surgery on her knee but is putting it off as long as she can, She is ten years younger than me.
I am blessed just to still have them both.
Hope the weather gets better where you are.


Chatty Crone said...

The quilt is AWESOME - I love it.

So did your brother ask the doctor WHY they put him on a blood thinner?

Did the doctor tell him that it is IMPERATIVE he has his blood level checked if it is cumadin? Not sure about the spelling.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Cute quilt for Gaven.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Cute quilt for Gaven

Julierose said...

This will be such a nice quilt--you are getting there hugs, Julierose

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love how this quilt is turning out! So sorry about the pain... it's no fun is it xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Terry has had a couple of mini strokes and takes a low dose of Plavix. I worry about him with all his health issues. I have a sciatic issue and took Advil for years now. My grandson sells CBD oil and I have had no back/leg pain since I started taking it. My SIL has the same issue and her doc prescribes NORCO. I can't believe that or that she takes it. We have been running around visiting friends and family that are either in the hospital or rehab, none anywhere near each other. The day after my SIL's funeral, my MIL fell and broke her hip. Recover is going to be a long haul. She's 92.

Weather??? Holy Cow it's crazy. Our temps should be around 40 but we have single digits in the 7 day forecast. Stayin in weather for sure.
xx, Carol