Thursday, April 2, 2020

It Came!

Hi friends!
This is a good read!
Plus their are more of her books on my kindle.
Made another block for my veterans quilt.
I got a email from Fat Quarter shop yesterday saying it could be 30 days before I got my order but the mail man run this morning.
I sprayed down the package and used gloves to get it out and left the package and the plastic it was wrapped in out side.
Hang in their people


Julierose said...

Good work! We want you to be safe...
Very pretty star and fabric--I am waiting for my book to come in...
so free cut my dresden blades today from RSC light blue color...
~ ~ ~ waves julierose ;)))

Jeanna said...

Every little thing we do has become such a process but hopefully, it will make a difference. It certainly can't hurt. Glad you got your FQS order and the firework fabric is perfect for a Veteran's quilt.

Chatty Crone said...

I find my packages are being delivered early too.

Finally tomorrow GA will have a mandatory shelter in place - hope it is not too late.