Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Fabric and Books

Hi friends!
Found a few more scraps!
I am wondering! Some people are not opening packages but spraying them down with bleach and leaving them 24 hours before opening.
That might not work for a package of fabric!
I'm suppose to get a package tomorrow of fabric!
This is a picture of Alice Duncan, she writes a books about a 1920's girl named Daisy Majesty. Not really a mystery but is very interesting .
I have read in the last few days at least 6 of her books on my kindle.
In her household is her, her husband Billy nearly destroyed in ww1, her father that has a bad heart , her mother that's a bookkeeper for a local hotel and her aunt vi. that cooks for a local rich family. Daisy does seances for rich people.
I loved it!
Have a good one and stay safe


Julierose said...

Just spray the pkg with lysol and let it sit a bit using gloves to open it on the porch before you bring it into the house leaving the packing outside to be thrown you only bring the fabric in...
Cardboard holds virus longer than anything and shouldn't come into your house at all..let it sit out there for a couple days ...
What a crazy time this is....stay safe ~ ~ ~ waves from julierose..

Chatty Crone said...

I would spray the box. Open it. Leave the box outside and bring the contents in - what else can you do.
You need to read Grace Livingston Hill books - you would LOVE them!

mamasmercantile said...

Stay safe. said...

I agree with Julierose. Spray the package with Lysol, leave it out in the sunshine for a couple of hours. Unpack and bring the contents inside, leave the cardboard outside.