Monday, April 6, 2020

Randon Things

Hi friends!
Still making mask!
Yesterday I cut one out from fabric  but didn't sew it up.
Cut for another star!
But things are so bad right now that I can't settle down.
 Hopefully this week it will peak and start down.
Been sewing on a pocket and adding a coffee filter  in the pocket.
They are saying  to put your mask after you use it , into a plastic bag and zapping it in the microwave.
I used one thing of elastic for ties on this one.
A friend of ours that we worked sent this to us when my oldest died 15 years ago and it's just keep growing.
The other hanging basket my son and daughter in law gave  for mothers day last year.
Every thing died but that and it's blooming.
We are spending a lot of time while the sum shines on the porch.
First purple bloom!
Have a good one but stay safe


Julierose said...

Oh what a beautiful purple flag!! Mine are just beginning to show some we are both tired...i think this whole thing just gets to you some days, doesn't it? Very tiring...
I am working on my blue rings slowly...I put away the Courthouse Steps--the colors are kinda dark-ish probably because I felt that way?
Anyway..Mr. Sun came out so I am thankful for that
~ ~ ~ waving in the sunshine Julierose;)))

Angie said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your masks are nice. Sunshine is good. My brain can't settle down either. I feel just frozen in place like holding my breathe. I keep telling myself that God will see us all through and I know He will but these are just unknown times. It will get better. Y'all take care.🌻💙

Chatty Crone said...

Hey girl - I am like you about settling down. I am trying too.

You are helping others with those masks which is wonderful.

I did not know you lost a child 15 years ago. said...

Gorgeous flowers. I am lusting after the pansy baskets at work. I think everyone is in the same boat being anxious and not accomplishing a lot. Hugs sweet friend.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love Iris. Too bad they come and go fast. I love day lily too. I am partial to purple and to orange flowers.
xx, Carol