Friday, August 9, 2019

22 Years

Hi friends!
Our wedding 22 years ago today! Thanks to daughter-in-law Amy and daughter Abby who did the reception.
He is defiantly a keeper!
Put's up with my hobby's and that is saying a lot!
We went to Olive Garden yesterday, all we could find that we would eat was salad and bread-sticks!
Don't guess we will be going there again.
Had a late apt. with the eye Dr. that did  surgery on my eye for a yearly check-up but every thing was good.
You always have those last minute worries so I was glad that report was good.
Didn't get home till nearly 6 so didn't get to go to the monthly quilt meeting.
Busy day today catching up with every thing here.


Chatty Crone said...

Glad you eye was okay!
Love, sandie

Julierose said...

great news on the eyes...
hugs, Julierose

maureenlthompson said...

Congratulations to you both. XXXXX

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Happy Anniversary! We always get soup and salad at Olive Garden ourselves. Hope you had a fun day.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Happy anniversary you two youngins. Glad your eyes are good. We find eating out isnt like it used to be. Disappointing. said...

Happy Anniversary! I like the chicken fettucine alfredo at olive garden myself.

Ioleen said...

Happy Anniversary. We’ve been to Olive Garden twice and have decided it’s not the place for us.

Needled Mom said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. Sorry your dinner out was not what you expected. It's just nice to be together!

Love Of Quilts said...

Happy anniversary! Good to have a sweet person that doesn't mind out hobby's. I have one too.

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on 22 years. That's so wonderful!! Enjoy your day!! :-) :-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm reading this 2 days after your Anniversary so my Congrats are belated but sincere. Terry does not like OG so we never go. A place has to have a good fried fish on the menu to get him in the door. Glad the eye check up went well. Yes, there always are last minute worries, usually unfounded.

Best Wishes for a great coming year as you go forward toward your NEXT anniversary.
xx, Carol