Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cleaning and Mowing!

Hi friends!
The closest thing to sewing I did yesterday was look for backing for the baby boy quilt.
Looking for some white with tiny red dots that I know is here some where! Just hope I have enough for the backing.
I deep cleaned the living room yesterday, climbed for a few hours! Cleaned the ceiling fans and then the blinds on those nine 6  ft. windows. Then the floor! But still needed to mop and vacuum.
 I cleaned the rugs Monday with my carpet cleaner.
So one room cleaned and ready for company.
Maybe I can do another one today! But last night was one of those wide awake all night... nights.
I might just fold fabric and straighten in there after I take a nap.
Tommy got his leaf blower out but rats had made a home in there so I held and he cleaned!
Bowed the leaves off the porch and around the house and yesterday he run over them and chewed them up. Couldn't chew them up Monday  For the simple reason when he went to use the lawn mower it wouldn't start so he had to work on it Monday.
We still have the six Bradford pears that the leaves haven't fell off of yet.
He went out just now and came back in saying the wind had turned and was coming out of the North..
Have a good one


Chatty Crone said...

I am a baby - but real rats? YUCK! I don't think I would like that!
Okay hope you find the backing and sorry you didn't sleep well.
I like you are doing a deep cleaning of the house this week - I am finished for today - I have to say that my body is aching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands, back, neck, and so forth! lol sandie said...

Hope you find your backing. Wow all that cleaning, all I did was clean the bathroom, do the dishes, and prep for charity for guild tomorrow.

sewyouquilt2 said...

This time of year has the mice looking for warm shelter and us cleaning out for the winter ahead. Hope you find your backing.that quilt is adorable